Video Solution

Video BU Background - Milestone

  • 2006 Launch 2.4GHz wireless control, gamepad. 
  • 2007 Developed 2.4GHz wireless audio speaker.
  • 2008 Successful developed 2.4GHz wireless audio baby monitor.
  • 2009 First digital 2.4GHz FHSS wireless video baby monitor
  • 2010 Start Sub-G application like 433MHz wireless power meter and 2.4GHz wireless surveillance
  • 2011 Launch 1st MFi Bluetooth helicopter, developed Bluetooth audio, and 868/915MHz SoC remote car.
  • 2012 Start business to do Wi-Fi, Zigbee, etc.
  • 2013 Developing P2P Wifi CAM for baby monitor, NFC application, etc.
  • 2014 Developing 2.4G chip / module, 2.4G Video transmission, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth4.0, WiFi IP CAM, Wireless Charger.
  • 2015 Developing Wifi security, IoT devices, Wifi aerial camera, Wifi dash camera, Wireless car back camera.
  • 2016 Developing QR code SoC.
  • 2018 2.4G FHSS HD Car Backup CAM, 2.4G FHSS HD Babymonitor, 2.4G FHSS HD Security Camera.
  • Application