Standard, APP, PCBA

Standard, APP, PCBA BU Background - Milestone

  • 2010 Turnkey solution for MFi products and Apps.
  • 2011 Become MFi licensee of Adjunct Technology Supplier, and Apple Developer for iOS.
  • 2012 Continues business with MFi Audio, MFi Bluetooth.
  • 2013 Develop SoC iOS BLE solution and MFi Audio solution
  • 2014 Develop Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker + Card, BLE (Smart watch, Anti-lost reminder), MFi BluetoothHealth Care, APPS development - iOS, Android.
  • 2015 APPS development - iOS, Android- Develop Bluetooth LED+Speaker, Bluetooth Bracelet, Smart watch, Anti-lost reminder, Treadmill, Gracy Scale, BLE-Biking, MFi BluetoothHealth Care, Wifi Dash camera
  • 2016 Develop Vehicle location APP, Headphone APP.
  • 2018 Control PCBA, Wifi Video PCBA, RF Module, Remote Car APP.
  • Application