Audio Solution

Audio BU Background - Milestone

  • 2012 Developed multi-mode solution for MFi Bluetooth, iOS BLE Core Bluetooth and Android Bluetooth. 
  • 2013 Developed SoC iOS BLE solution and MFi Audio solution.
  • 2014 Developed Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker + Card, BLE (Smart watch, Anti-lost reminder), MFi BluetoothHealth Care, APPS development - iOS, Android.
  • 2015 Developing Bluetooth LED+Speaker + Card, MFi BluetoothHealth Care, BLE wearable device,POS, mPOS ,Beacon / Apple iBeacon,U-key / Token,Wechat accessori.
  • 2016 Developing Apple Lightning headset, Type-C USB headset.
  • 2018 Developing Bluetooth Speaker+ Voice Recognition, Voice Recognition (Independent device), Voice Recognition with Wifi (Interactive device), Talking CAM Application (Toys).
  • 2019 Developing Bluetooth wireless TWS headset, Bluetooth HRM headset
  • Application