Audio Solution - Bluetooth

Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Headset+Heartrate

Bluetooth Speaker (by Actions ATS 2815/25)

Bluetooth v4.2 SoC dual mode solution

Stereo Audio (A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP)

With BLE data control (e.g: +LED)

TWS Speaker

Local media player


Storage : SD/eMMC & USB

Support battery charging

Bluetooth wireless headset (ATS300X)

High-performance,low cost and low power consumptions

MIPS32 core architecture. large capacity RAM

Supports decoding Bluetooth A2DP audio and loading sound effects simultaneously

Supports Bluetooth handfree calls with dual MIC AEC and noise reduction.

Support V5.0 and compliant with V4.2/V4.2LE/V4.0/3.1/V2.1 Bluetooth specification

support dual mode (BR/EDR + Energy Controllers)

Take special methods at power optimization, Bluetooth playing and call modes. Embedded PMU supports power optimization and provide long battery life

High music and call qualities with low power and BOM

Bluetooth HRM Headset(ATS 2829)(by WBD SmartBody™ SBS-1000)

System Power Consumption: 5mA (Heart Rate & RRI), 4mA (just Heart Rate)

1.8 V to 3.6 V application supply and I/Os49 pin CSP 3mm x 3mm

Audio Solution - Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition (Independent device)

Voice Recognition (Independent device)

- SNC7320

Support beamforming, AEC, NR

Command voice embedded

Support MIC array, max 8xMIC

Can act as indpendent VR chip

IOT appliction, voice control indoor appliance

Multi - language (VR)

Audio Solution - RF Wireless

2.4GHz Wireless Speaker/Headphone, 2.4GHz Wireless MIC

2.4GHz Wireless speaker


2.4GHz Wireless Headphone


2.4GHz Wireless MIC

- A8102

Audio Solution - RF Wireless

2.4GHz Audio Baby monitor, 2.4GHz Toy walkie talkie, 2.4GHz Wireless tourist guide speaker

2.4GHz Audio Baby monitor

- A8101

2.4GHz Toy walkie talkie

- A8100

2.4GHz Wireless tourist guide speaker

- A8101

Audio Solution - Wired

Type-C USB headset, Hi-Fi audio player SoC, Audio DSP, Hi-Res audio device

Type-C USB headset


Hi-Fi audio player SoC

Actions ATJ2167

Audio DSP

mCore M3302/M3082

Hi-Res audio device


Audio Mixer (PIC32+AK4951 Support MFi)