• 2018-09-10

Jess Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced company to design, develop, market semiconductor integrated circuits (IC) and total solution. Jess Technology Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of products in various applications of consumer products, our solid reputation fused with over a decade of experience. Jess Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely adapted by our customers in different fields such as Video, Audio, RF/BLE Control& Toys, Standard,APP,PCBA

To inherit our innovative moves of IC development and total solution to maintain the commitment to our customers, Jess Technology Co., Ltd. has put significant resources to R&D every year for expanding our FAE team and product development.


  • 1993 Hong Kong R&D setup
  • 1994-1997 Dialer, LCD phone, Caller ID type I/II, cordless phone, voice, toys design.
  • 1998 Dialer, LCD phone, Caller ID type I/II, cordless phone, voice, toys design.
  • 1999 Developed power dialer I / II, electronic translator.
  • 2000 Company name changed to Jess Technology Co. Ltd.
  • 2001 ELA, e-mail toys, long duration voice DSP toys.
  • 2002 Setup game team for X-Box/PS2/Game cube/PC peripherals.
  • 2003 Enter the portable music player MP3 and setup RF team for wireless application.
  • 2004 Successfully acquired XBox gamepad Microsoft approval.
  • 2006 Developed Skype, DECT phone.
  • 2007 Developed 2.4G RF video / audio baby monitor and surveillance solution.
  • 2008 Developed WinCE UMPC and X86 platform notebook.
  • 2009 Developed DV, DSC, enter to surveillance and RFID system.
  • 2010 Developed HD (720p and 1080p) PMP and DV solution.
  • 2011 Successfully approved as MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) adjunct licensee. Dual HD (720, 1080p)CAM for car black-box, Android TV box and air mouse.
  • 2012 Setup APPS team for iOS, Android APPS.Developing Wifi video and P2P CAM.
  • 2013 Become a Bluetooth SIG member. Developing quad-core tablet, DLNA, P2P Wifi CAM, NFC.
  • 2014 Developing AVM, Bluetooth BT3.0/BLE App-enabled accessory, Wifi rear viewing camera.
  • 2015 Developing Wifi security,Bluetooth LED Speaker,IOT device,BLE wearable device.
  • 2016 Successfully launched BLE wearable device with dynamic HRM and Wifi dash CAM, Developing QR code SoC and module for POS market.
  • 2017 Invested by V-TAC group as her subsidiary company to expand business. Introduce PC peripheral & display product line.
  • 2018 2.4G FHSS HD Car Backup CAM, 2.4G FHSS HD Babymonitor, 2.4G FHSS HD Security Camera, Voice Recognition, QC4+/USB PD quick charger and wireless charger.
  • Company Background

    • Founded On:1988
    • HK Office:Hong Kong
    • Service Center:Shenzhen,Shanghai China
    • Manpower:
    • Sales Team (20+ employees)
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Sales Assistant
    • Engineering Team (45+ employees)
    • Software Engineer
    • Hardware Engineer
    • PCB Engineer
    • QA
    • Graphic designer
    • R&D Assistant
    • Backend Team (20+ employees)
    • Financial Department
    • Information Technology Department
    • Logistic

    Company Spirit

    Our Mission

    Pursuit of being one of the most competitive companies in the field of electronic component with consistently high profitability by providing quality products and services to maintain long-term business relations and maximize customer benefits based on the commitment of our employees.

    Our Commitments

  • QUALITY : To provide the highest reliable product to our customer.
  • ON TIME DELIVERY : To achieve zero shipment delay to our customer.
  • OVALUE ADDED SERVICES : To understand the needs of our customer and provide cost effective solution to our customer.
  • TECHNOLOGY : To develop the latest IC product to the market.
  • Service

  • Product definition
  • Software programming
  • Hardware design
  • COB and module assembly