RF/BLE Control& Toys - RF Control

BT Gamepad(PC/Android/iOS),2.4G/BT Remote Control

Bluetooth 2.4GHz PC Gamepad

BM52HIDBRNC2: Bluetooth 3.0 module

Bluetooth 2.4GHz Android Gamepad

BM52HIDBRNC2: Bluetooth 3.0 module)

Bluetooth 2.4GHz iOS Gamepad

BM52HIDBRNC2: Bluetooth 3.0 module

Air mouse + Audio

Wireless air mouse + keyboard + Audio)

Using the perfect combination of 3D + gyro instrument

Support MIC,Headset,Speaker, Support the stereo output

2.4G frequency modulation technology

Compatible system:Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Android

Xbox360 Wheel

LED product testing stand

PC product testing stand (motor part)

Xbox360 Dance pad

LED product testing stand

RF/BLE Control& Toys - BLE

BLE - Wearable device, BLE - Health Care, BLE - Fitness, BLE - Smart Toy, BLE - Smart Home, BLE - POS, mPOS

BLE - Wristband device

Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor

- AMICCOM BLE A8107/A8107M0/A3117M0 (A8107M0, A3117M0 Color TFT)

- 128-256K Flash/8-72K RAM

- Average current – 120uA

- Date/Time/temperature

- Steps/Calorie/distance record(7 days history)

- Data Sync. With Android & iOS device APPS

- Sleep/Heart rate monitoring

- Support ANCS/Message alert

- Support OTA firmware upgrade

Smart shoe

Support OTA firmware upgradePedometer, Calorie calculation

- GPS location tracking

- Remote sensing map

- Special care

- Terminal display

BLE - Health Care

BLE scale

- Measurement of body weight, fat, moisture, bone, muscle, BMI and visceral fat

- Automatic synchronization with Bluetooth weight scale

- Health index chart

- Additional standard reference data

- Mobile phones can be found at any time, day, week, month or year of health index

- Intuitive interface, you can enter your name, gender, height, age

Blood-pressure meter

- Export data sheet file

- Shared record cloud system

- Track record in healthy range

- Alarm value setting

- Constantly check reminder


Support temperature data storage and historical data view

Abnormal temperature intelligent timing reminder measurement

Private account data record


BLE - Fitness


- Speed display, exercise time

- Consumption of calories

- Heart rate measurement

- Burning fat


- Speed display, exercise time

- Consumption of calories

- Heart rate measurement

- Burning fat

BLE - Toy

Remote Control Car/Heli/UFO

BLE - Smart Home

Smart Power Plug

Smart Lock

Electronic cigarette

Smart glass

BLE - Smart Home

Smart Self Timer

Smart lighting

Warm water bag


Support system:iOS/Android

Payment method: fixed, mobile payment two

Built in power: lithium battery

External power supply: 5V DC 500mA

Bluetooth version:Bluetooth V2.1(support for AVRCP and A2D


Mobile wireless payment

RF/BLE Control& Toys - Toys

Voice, LCD Toys, OID, RC Car/Helicopter/UFO, Android/iOS Toy

Voice Toys

Little Einsteins Learn

Voice Toys

Speech Dinosaur

LCD Toys

Color TFT Game

LCD Toys


- B/W, Gray level,Color LCD

- 2.4G RF FHSS

- Drawing and game

Toy table

- Touch screen

TV Game

Plug and play TV game

ELA with TV out

Dual Screen player

TV out product etc

OID Learning device

Optical learning mediume

Wired, wireless (2.4G) OID pen

USB download, MP3 speech quality

Complete solution, firmware, PCBA, OID pen, Printing, et

RC Car/Helicopter

RC Remote car

- Digital proportional Car

- multi-channel IR / RF car

2.4GHz/IR helicopter

- Remote Helicopter

- 2.4GHz/IR helicopter

4-axis UFO

TX module: A8106(SOC, chip on module)


RF:A7106 (QFN20 package)


Android/iOS Toy

Android/iOS car, helicopter

- Controlled by iPhone,iPad,iPod, Android device

RF/BLE Control& Toys - HRM



- Optical heart rate sensor:This innovative sensor which is integrated in to the back plate of the smart run, and measures every beat of your heart in real-time using two green LEDs and an electro optical cell.

- The LEDs shine light in to the skin, which then enables the electro-optical cell to detect the pulsing volume of blood flow.

- Electrode heart rate sensor:Two points contact the watch to measure heart rate.