RF Control& Toys - RF Control

Gamepad(PC/Android/iOS),2.4GHz Remote Control

2.4GHz PC Gamepad

2.4GHz wireless module built-in

2.4GHz Android Gamepad

2.4GHz wireless module built-in

2.4GHz iOS Gamepad

2.4GHz wireless module built-in

Air mouse + Audio

Wireless air mouse + keyboard + Audio)

Using the perfect combination of 3D + gyro instrument

Support MIC,Headset,Speaker, Support the stereo output

2.4G frequency modulation technology

Compatible system:Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Android

Xbox360 Wheel

LED product testing stand

PC product testing stand (motor part)

Xbox360 Dance pad

LED product testing stand

RF Control& Toys

Wearable device, Health Care, Fitness, Smart Toy, Smart Home

Wristband device

Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor

- AMICCOM A8107/A8107M0/A3117M0 (A8107M0, A3117M0 Color TFT)

- 128-256K Flash/8-72K RAM

- Average current – 120uA

- Date/Time/temperature

- Steps/Calorie/distance record(7 days history)

- Data Sync. With Android & iOS device APPS

- Sleep/Heart rate monitoring

- Support ANCS/Message alert

- Support OTA firmware upgrade

Smart shoe

Support OTA firmware upgradePedometer, Calorie calculation

- GPS location tracking

- Remote sensing map

- Special care

- Terminal display

Health Care


- Measurement of body weight, fat, moisture, bone, muscle, BMI and visceral fat

- Automatic synchronization with weight scale

- Health index chart

- Additional standard reference data

- Mobile phones can be found at any time, day, week, month or year of health index

- Intuitive interface, you can enter your name, gender, height, age

Blood-pressure meter

- Export data sheet file

- Shared record cloud system

- Track record in healthy range

- Alarm value setting

- Constantly check reminder


Support temperature data storage and historical data view

Abnormal temperature intelligent timing reminder measurement

Private account data record




- Speed display, exercise time

- Consumption of calories

- Heart rate measurement

- Burning fat


- Speed display, exercise time

- Consumption of calories

- Heart rate measurement

- Burning fat


Remote Control Car/Heli/UFO

Smart Home

Smart Power Plug

Smart Lock

Electronic cigarette

Smart glass

Smart Home

Smart Self Timer

Smart lighting

Warm water bag

RF Control& Toys - Toys

Ultrasonic control, Robot, Voice, Voice recognition, LCD Toys, OID, RC Car/Helicopter/UFO, Android/iOS Toy

Ultrasonic control Toys

Ultrasonic control


Code & Control

Voice Toys

Speech Dinosaur

Voice recognition Toys

Voice recognition control

LCD Toys


- B/W, Gray level,Color LCD

- 2.4G RF FHSS

- Drawing and game

Toy table

- Touch screen

OID Learning device

Optical learning mediume

Wired, wireless (2.4G) OID pen

USB download, MP3 speech quality

Complete solution, firmware, PCBA, OID pen, Printing, et

RC Car/Helicopter

RC Remote car

- Digital proportional Car

- multi-channel IR / RF car

2.4GHz/IR helicopter

- Remote Helicopter

- 2.4GHz/IR helicopter

4-axis UFO

TX module: A8106(SOC, chip on module)


RF:A7106 (QFN20 package)


Android/iOS Toy

Android/iOS car, helicopter

- Controlled by iPhone,iPad,iPod, Android device

RF Control& Toys - HRM



- Optical heart rate sensor:This innovative sensor which is integrated in to the back plate of the smart run, and measures every beat of your heart in real-time using two green LEDs and an electro optical cell.

- The LEDs shine light in to the skin, which then enables the electro-optical cell to detect the pulsing volume of blood flow.

- Electrode heart rate sensor:Two points contact the watch to measure heart rate.